One step back, two steps forward

LaDiva outside cooking demo Sanctuary

I’m coming to an event near you!


My writing space is about 80% together.  However, I had a huge cooking demo and had to stop and prepare.  On the other hand, what I have done is so comforting and truly me that I have no problem putting off finishing into the summer.

Monetizing my business has been a mental struggle.  That is one reason I am writing the book, You’re Not Dead, Yet – Nutrition for the over 50 crowd.  People ask me for a book at every cooking demo or presentation.  Right now, the project is in the hands of a publisher.  In the meantime, I am re-shooting and shooting anew video recipes to accompany the Ebook.  You should be able to click on links to bring you to recipes that reflect the nutrition info you have been reading in each chapter.

But that Ebook is at least a few months away and I need to make you, other blog readers and YouTube viewers happy with content that will better your lives, increase cash-flow and create my long term goals of creating a more compassionate world through parties, food and fun.

Well, my time banging out walls and designing a closet formulated a clear plan.

To better your lives through content, I am starting a subscriber service via theScreen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.59.25 PM YouTube Channel.  Folks have written that they had to wander around on the channel to find what they wanted and they wanted PDFs of the recipes.  A subscription service means I can spend time sending off PDFs and answering emails like, “What is that eggplant tomato recipe?”  I can take the 10 minutes to sift through and send all the videos with eggplant and tomatoes.  Also, I will be able to create a series of basic cooking/shopping techniques.  Helping newbies in the kitchen is why I teach teens cooking, seasoning and knife skills.

For creating a more compassionate world through fun, this summer I am conducting cooking demos almost every weekend.  [Check out my Facebook page for details.]   In the fall, I will have my Cooking Club.  A small group of 10 will learn to prepare dishes to keep their girl/boy-ish figures once a week for 4 weeks.  I am also looking at having a weekend intensive next spring.

But farmers markets aren’t the only place to have cooking craziness.  The BIG cooking demonstration I spoke of in the beginning of this was my second at a state conference.  What a hoot!  Party and event planners, take note.  What  is the best way to end a day of sitting on your rear watching slide presentations for 8 hours than to crack up with a LaDiva Girl-ish Figure Gastronomy?  Yes, there will be the Diva-ette Dancers!

So, my “step backward” writing break that seemed incredibly decadent and merely work-aversion actually gave me a new plan . . . with twice as much work to do.  And I have to get back to it.


Millions of kids or millionaires

Hello Darlings,

Coalition for human needs

Just got off from a webinar with the Coalition on Human Needs.  These are the folks on the front line of poverty programs, working tirelessly to keep the soup kitchens open, getting the kids on the School Lunch Program and feeding pregnant, economically distressed moms.  And yes, part of the 47% who don’t pay taxes.  [Those pesky, tax-avoiding toddlers!]

Click here to view some slides from the webinar.  Now, I couldn’t edit them down to the exact details I want to share, BUT scroll down and some of the facts will knock your socks off.

Do you realize that Medicaid serves one-third of all children in the U.S.?  The Fiscal Cliff toted in the press would cut Medicaid by one-third.

SNAP/food stamps served 46.6 million people.  According to statistics from July 2012, nearly half of them children.  Falling off the fiscal cliff would cut SNAP by $134 billion by 2022 possibly leading to 8 million people denied food aid.  How many of them under the age of 12?  Not sure, but I do know that 1 in 5 kids lives in poverty in the US and 1 out of 2 will be dependent on these food programs at some point of their lives.

Chart about hunger

Sign the pledge for Tax Fairness and watch Kids not CEOs.  Sign the petition to help our kids.


Apple & Mac Support is a Lemon [cupcake, that is]

Lemon Macadamia with Lemon Unbutter Creme

Hello Darlings,

I had some major issues with my MS PowerPoint.  After a call to their support I was told, “it is a problem we have known about and have experts working on it.”  No help, just that the reason I bought the software doesn’t do what sales said it would.  Oh, and they have known about the problem for awhile, but are still selling the program.  Two days of work for nada.  Now what?

I have a mac.  I called Apple Help.  The young lady was fantastic.  She talked about what I needed to to immediately – Fast Food Labels to YouTube – and what I need to do long term.  She got me extra help and got me on my way.  I was so impressed I asked her what was her FAV cupcake.  She said a local joint had a Lemon cupcake that was excellent.

Well Girlfriend, this one is dedicated to you and all the Apple folks, including Curly and crew at the Apple store in Allentown, PA.

Instead of me doing the review, I sent off my camera with my great friends, and incredible babes, Kathy and Liz and, my BFF, Marty.   The girls had a night out finishing up with the cupcakes.  Kathy and Liz give their thumbs up or down and decide what season is perfect for this dessert.  Marty was video-ed after the last bottle of wine.

My toothpick came out clean, but I am making a note to cook them for a few more minutes next time and see how that works.  The cake was not as spongy as I would like and my oven is slow.

Thanks to the Guest Taste Testers and to Apple Girl wherever you are.


Today’s Cooking Demo – Sloppy Joe/Sorta Streudel

Hello Darlings!

What you do with thawed puff pastry

Apple Sorta Streudel

For my cooking demo made Sloppy Joe’s and Braised Greens.  Took leftover Asian Carrot Pineapple Salad and Apple Sorta Streudel from this month’s videos.

Forgot the crushed tomatoes for the Sloppy Joes so I just used ketchup and added water.  Participants loved it.  Also added smoked chipolte, green pepper and cumin. NO added fats!

Still eating the Chocolate Mint Cupcakes.  Have another dedication for the Red Velveteen ones.  So those happen next week.

Have to get back to editing and uploading.  I uploaded the intro 3 times and hope it stays there!  Since I get up at 5am now, I need to get to sleep by 10.


Let’s get the Party Started!

Hello Darlings!

Welcome to my blog.  Let me tell you why I’m doing this.

  1. My mission is to party the globe to willful compassion.  This is compassion for everything on the planet including you, your friends, family, companion animals, farm animals, trees, rivers–everything that has an energy system.  But I want to have FUN doing it.
  2. When I see people in such pain and illness it hits me to the core.  I want to share whatever factual, researched information I can to help them to their next step of optimal health.  Notice I say “their next step.” It is not for me to judge, but to educate and let people do as they will.  I am on my path and it is not yours.
  3. I am SO bored with nutrition blah, blah, blah = guilt trip.  Let’s have fun with food.  Healthy foods do not taste like cardboard and they don’t kill you.
So, I’m starting with making cupcakes.  I finally got a copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero.  I am going to make every recipe.  I will video the end result and taste.  I will put the video on my YouTube Channel.  The channel already has my cooking videos for those of you new to LaDiva.
I need your help.  Send me your FAV cupcake recipe from the book and I will dedicate that video to you.  Or send me your FAV cupcake recipe or idea and I’ll try to replicate it.  AND I will taste them without fixing them up.
The last thing I will have here is all the info I have on nutrition and food.  LaDiva’s videos are more culinary.  I want your food to work for you.  So, my question is – Is your food doing what you want it to do?  I love martinis, but I don’t think they make me prettier, smarter or a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Does your food love you as much as you love it?
Let’s get started!  LUV the Shirley!!!