FDA approves Zohydro, more dangerous and addictive than Oxycotin. Good Job!


I just wanted you to know that, although I bought another laptop after the robbery, my laptop is in the shop.  I am writing this on some close’n’play type Barbie-sized laptop thing that was bought in 2009 for a ten-year old.  

There is a quick note about the drug, Zohydro.  This is a new pain killer being approved by the FDA.  Many health service organizations are against the release of this drug.  Mainly for 2 reasons, an adult can overdose on 2 capsules and children can overdose on 1 capsule.  According to Boston Children’s Hospital, 70,000 kids under age 18 are accidentally poisoned by medications.  These ER visits have gone up 36% over the last 10 years.  By the time you know your toddler ate the pretty blue and white or red and white pills, they may be blue.

There were two doctors who that were paid thousands of dollars to sit in on meetings between the drug company and the FDA officials.  Other stakeholders in this approval period were not allowed in the room.  The doctors pushed approval.

Drug enforcement agencies and drug treatment centers are among the organizations wanting to trash the approval.  As a medical professional, I know kids take parents medications.  Some kids know that they are taking drugs they shouldn’t.  Some little kids take parents medications by error.  This drug is too scary to take those types of chances.  

Zohydro is an opiate.  Opiate use is one of the major reasons we have the uptick on drug abuse.  I know opiate drug abusers.  This drug looks like a Christmas present.  

Here’s what the FDA said about abuse of these types of drugs, in particular the combination drugs such as Zohydro:

. The abuse ratio for hydrocodone combination products was 14 ED visits per million tablets dispensed. The abuse ratio for oxycodone combination products was 24 ED visits per million tablets dispensed, compared to 85 ED visits per million tablets dispensed for oxycodone single-entity ER products. This difference is substantial and it is likely that similar patterns will be observed between hydrocodone combination products and Zohydro ER

Here’s what the FDA said about abuse of this drug:  

will be associated with higher levels of abuse than the hydrocodone combination products. These expected higher levels of abuse are based on what has been observed for oxycodone products. Like hydrocodone, oxycodone is also marketed as a combination product, but there are also single-entity, extended release (ER) products available

The current version of Zohydro is crushable, therefore, snortable.  You and I will pay for their ER visits, incarceration or burials.

Please let the FDA know you do not agree with the approval of this drug. 


Any thoughts, Darling?

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