NBC – Olympics by the Oligarchy [& how to get around it]


Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympics


The olympics are supposed to represent the world.  It is a time when countries come together to share athleticism and culture.  Newspapers will brag of medals by Team USA and Americans will feel pride in their fellow countrymen who have worked so hard to be great representatives of their nation.  No matter what sport there are faces painted with national colors, proud parents and personal stories of grit that inspire us all.  Then, there is NBC.

For those of us who have cut the cable, there are no olympics.  Okay, five minutes per replay olympics.  Silly me read the NBC website information on live streaming and thought . . . there would be live streaming.  Streaming that you may have to pay for to see live.  But no.  Come Day One of the Opening Ceremony and there was no streaming to anyone who didn’t have a cable subscription.  Everyone has a cable subscription?  Have you seen the job market?

Many people in the US have cut themselves from the cable cord not like me, because I think most of cable is a waste of time and money, but because they simply can’t afford it.   A hundred dollars a month?  Try doing that on your unemployment.  Oops! That’s right, you may have just lost your unemployment and Congress is dragging its feet.   How many 20 somethings are living at home because they just can’t afford life on their own?

Why didn’t they couple with Hulu, Amazon or another service?  You could pay a fee to watch a few of the events or a fee for the whole shebang.  No, for those who can’t afford it, forget it.

On the other hand, the CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] or the BBC [British

CBC streams for free

CBC streams for free

Broadcasting Corporation] are streaming and replaying complete competitions online.  Anyone in the country with access to wifi can see how their athletes are doing.

Okay, I know that these governments take a tax for having a TV.  I don’t like taxes any more than anyone else, but think about it.  That tax goes to create local film and television work so the money stays in the country as opposed to um . . . NBC’s Dracula which is shot in Budapest with a Hungarian crew.  The tax breaks are great there.  Dracula was a Brit series shot in England before being picked up by NBC.

Here’s another annoying thing.  NBC said they would live stream starting with the Opening Ceremony.  Only if you tried streaming at 11am EST, nothing was there.  Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBC Sports Group said NBC decided, “We want to put context to it, with the full pageantry it deserves,” . . .  My BS detectors are making my bobby pins hum.  They wanted to ramp up viewership and make themselves look better.

Can't own everyone, NBC

Can’t own everyone, NBC

An oligarchy is a small number of people controlling a business or country.  Can you watch anything NBC doesn’t want you to?

Well, yes. You can stream all the olympics you want from your home anywhere in the US by changing the proxy or IP address on your laptop.  It basically hides your location and you can use an address from another country and watch programs from there. This is legal.  Depending on your operating system there are a whole bunch of programs that will do this.  Some for free.  I paid $8.50 for My IP Hide for Mac.  I picked them because I trust downloads from CNET.  They run the Downloads site.  The $8.50 was a price for a month.  That’s all I need.  I made sure to deactivate the automatic repayment box.

The download didn’t open like I thought so I emailed support.  They responded in an hour or so with very helpful advice.  It took a few tries because I was a little brain dead, but everything was pretty simple. Here’s an article to further explain how this works, but if you pay the fee it is MUCH simpler and you get better support.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer


I hopped on to an IP from UK.  Using BBC iPlayer, I watched the entire opening ceremony with only 90% of the grating chatter TV people think we want to hear as opposed to the music playing in the background or crowds cheers.  I hopped onto a Montreal address and watched the Men’s Biathlon, not as boring as I thought it would be, and the Women’s Skiathon, also pretty entertaining.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 5.33.55 PMI understand NBC has to make money.  But really, couldn’t you think of a way to include those who are hurting in the US instead excluding them?


Any thoughts, Darling?

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