I took a number years ago, when is it my turn?

Take a ticket and wait

Take a ticket and wait


The kids I work with are not the reason I hate my job.  It is the frustration of nothing ever moving forward. . . and the 4 hour commute once a week.

So, I have been looking at other projects and positions for about 3 years.  A number of single event opportunities have come my way such as conference presentations, fat camps, corporate wellness, county agencies, but they all fold after first happy use like toilet paper.  Nothing moves to the next bigger step.

Yet again, I find another opportunity.  This one is to create nutrition videos, something I already Toilet paper rolldo, in the program I already use.  I read and comprehend the project that the company has emailed as the first hoop to jump through to decide worthiness.  The project was something I have done about 1,000 times.  I read everything, do the project and realize that I have an upgrade version of the slide presentation software and their computers have a problem with that.  I check the project for accuracy.  I now rack my brain trying to think how I can downgrade the version of the file I have to match the company’s software version.

Eureka, on another login for my laptop [replacing the stolen one from the summer with all of my book on it] I find an older version of the program.  I will now re-do the slide stuff.  I write to the contact from the company and state this is what I am going to do and here are a few other questions before I do a final checklist.

But the company’s files I need to complete the project in the older version need to be downloaded again.  However, the company’s download program, Dropbox, will not download what I need as a simple pdf.  The files open as blank pages.  My laptop has Dropbox loaded and I have used it before on .docx files.  Mr. Company Contact contacts me via email, congratulates me on my pithy questions and states that there are ambiguities because they want to see if people can think.  I do not mention the Dropbox issue.

I spend the next 8 hours working on this program, visiting around 15 sites trying to find out how to download these files again in a simple pdf format.  Apparently, hundreds of people have the same problem.  It seems that the computer system the company wants their work done on and Dropbox have some major communication issues.  I do all of the work-arounds detailed on all sites.  One works for about 3 minutes.

Brilliance arrives and I download the files onto a friend’s PC, that does not know Dropbox exists, and email them to myself.  I checked to see that I was not supposed to upload it to Dropbox.  I run through the final checklist and email.

The next day, an UNDELIVERABLE message shows up in my inbox.  I check everything, again.  I write the parts I worked on and quote the company’s instructions on how I completed the project just to cover my . . . tracks.  Resend.

This would be a great job.  I could do it from everywhere there is internet service.  I am in sync with the nutrition info put out.  I give myself a visa to Happyville because I know my work is good.

Today, I get rejected.  “You are not what we are looking for.”

Rereading the initial email with all the instructions, I realize that he wrote an incorrect instruction.  Or I think he did.  I put 2 pieces of different instructions together and now see that he may have wanted another thing done to the document.  The 2 pieces of different instructions shows that he doesn’t know how to count.

My first professional job in the entertainment business was over 30 years ago.  I spent years in the film and TV world.  My artistic habit was fed doing exactly what this new opportunity wants.  I did this job at international finance institutions for 15 years.

I never got what I personally wanted out of my artistic career, so after realizing I would just become old and bitter, I thought forget the frustration and do a job based on objectives [science] not subjectives, [art].  I jumped through the education hoops, the forget-everything-science-based and puke out 1950 medical-answers-on-the test hoops, the you-have-two-ears-and-one-mouth-use-them-in-that-proportion hoop, the find-out-what-you-do-well-and-do-that hoop and the ever popular I-will-do-everything-to-make-this-happen hoop.  When do I stop jumping and land?

Stay tuned, because you never know when there could be breaking news

Hang on!

Hang on!

that I get what fulfills my soul and life needs.

Until then- I did have a piece of interesting mail.  The second letter of its kind in 5 years.  One of the kids I work with sent me a letter thanking me for the birthday card I sent and he wants to be able contact me when he gets out and tell me how he is doing.  Not sure what I did to make this connection, but perhaps his family didn’t see the remember-my-kid’s-birthday or attend-family-therapy-day hoop.

This week the two hours each way will be, subjectively, worth it.


Any thoughts, Darling?

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