I got mine and you gotta earn yours


You can't buy it

You can’t buy it

I am going to try the Obamacare website later today.  However, I had an interesting thought this morning concerning an interview I’m having at 11.

A very bright, young lady is going to interview me for some community health magazine.  She wants to know about older adult nutrition and incorporating a no-cholesterol diet.  I asked a few questions about the focus.  She wants info about nutrition needs and strategies to help seniors transition new foods into their daily routine.

Yesterday, while waiting to upload my slides for a nutrition/cooking presentation, I wrote a few notes on where seniors should focus when starting this new regime.  This morning while deciding whether to look at the clock or just pretend it was after 5 am and perfectly natural to be awake obnoxiously early, I began to plan my day, the interview popped into my head.

“I really need a top 10 list of do’s and don’ts”, I said to myself.  What would someone like me, who has lived more than a couple of decades, need to do or don’t do to make a  successful dining transition?

I had an answer quickly – go back to something positive you have changed in your life. Repeat the steps that made this positive change.  By the time you hit the age of the article’s target audience you have had to change a number of things in your life.  You have had decades of making difficult situations work, divorce, job loss, financial free fall, cutting family ties, relocation, addictions in themselves or a loved one, banging a left to get something desperately needed done and accepting ideas that were unfathomable when you were in their 20’s.

Been there, done that

Been there, done that

Here’s another idea may pass her by.  Most people in the United States throw out the cholesterol-filled foods for narcissistic health reasons.  But folks with older kids and grandkids have a additional perspective.  They have seen the deaths and debilitation of heart attack, cancer and other maladies. Their vision encompasses more than themselves. They understand legacy.

The I-wear-wrinkles-daily-and-well want a planet where their children can live out their days.  They want a lifestyle that creates better communities.  They have something you can’t buy, life experience.

Do I list that as #1 or #10?


Any thoughts, Darling?

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