Let the scamming begin

This is what may end up at your home.

This is what may end up at your home.


Just like the carpetbaggers Scarlett O’Hara had to shoot to keep her plantation, Tara, the scams for healthcare are showing up in your email, FAV websites and snail mailbox.

I just got a new one yesterday – United States Prescription Discounts.

Referring to the photo above, the white page looks like something from the Internal Revenue Service so you will probably read it.  I did.  I just sent in my 2012 taxes.  The verbiage is very interesting.

“These cards entitle you to reduce prices on all of your prescription medications at pharmacies everywhere nationwide.

They claim up to 75% savings on medications.  The yellow pamphlet has a black box with yellow writing.


Everyone living the the U.S. is entitled to this discount regardless of medical history or residency status.

But I have an enquiring mind and had to fire up my laptop and use my FAV

Check out everything you want to try with the BBB.

Check out everything you want to try with the BBB.

search engine.  This company actually exists and does give discounts on prescription drugs – about 5-10% on the retail price.  Much less than any insurance.  According to the Better Business Bureau, if you have zero insurance this may help you.  However, a quick check of medication discount companies will show you many discount cards.

What really may help, other than incorporating lifestyle changes to decrease your medication needs, is checking with you local pharmacies about what a drug costs.

My healthcare practitioner, see You Don’t Know me, but Take My Money Anyway, and a nurse friend told me to steer clear of CVS and try Kmart for cheaper meds.  Pricing can vary quite a bit, so do your homework.

Sun-Tzu said, in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.  Watch out for carpetbaggers and Y’all take care, now.


Any thoughts, Darling?

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