Taking a Break can Give a Boom

Hello Darlings,

LaDiva here.

LUV my men.

LUV my men.

Of course, I am writing this for shameless self promotion.  I am also writing to, hopefully, inspire myself and you to fulfill goals.  So, I have to confess.

My videos on my YouTube Channel have been regurgitated for a year.  Now my excuse is producing a film, writing a book, being out of town for weeks and producing an animated DVD.  However, I didn’t keep up on them.  And I think I’m okay with that.

Last week I went back into the kitchen and shot 5 videos in one day.  They all went up on YouTube within 48 hours.  It felt good.  I made the recipes simple and man-friendly for Father’s day.  The point of easy recipes was to get out and DO something rather than spend the day in the kitchen cooking for your FAV guy. There wasn’t one with the kids.  You may know that every month I have kids make a video.  Since I was getting my feet back into the shallow end of the pool, I thought keep it simple.  Additionally, I needed to think about what I want to do going forward with these 100 videos.

While patting myself on the back during the YouTube uploads, I was completely rejected

CocoBanana Man Smoothie w/cinnamon garnish

CocoBanana Man Smoothie w/cinnamon garnish

from a conference I really like.  It brought me back to living in hallways as an actor.  You wait for auditions in chairs in countless hallways.  Then, you hope bearing you soul will garner a paycheck.  Acting is nothing more than a sales job.  What I was selling, they weren’t buying. That included this conference.  I wanted to let go of who and what they are and my ego attachment to them.  But, I’m not that evolved, well at least for the first 15 minutes.

I took a lunch break to lick my wounded pride.  While munching, I listened to a public speaker expert who said, anyone can look up the information you present.  What people come for is to connect with you, your take, your experience that creates a reality for them to use your information.   How I can better connect to audiences?

Basic Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Basic Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This changed my home healthcare worker presentation, to be given in the next 3 hours, from focusing on what to feed the elderly to why home healthcare workers are a key member of the healthcare team.  Their work maintains  dignity for those needing care and keeps folks in their homes.  Staying home is such a critical aspect of someone who has lost loved ones, health and abilities to own their lives.

By changing the focus from information to inspiration, they were psyched when I was

Sweet Sauer Sausage w/Sauerkraut

Sweet Sauer Sausage w/Sauerkraut

done.  I was psyched that I made them feel empowered.  My next presentations will be focused on how whatever information I am spouting can empower the audience to feel their full self-worth.

So, the schedule I made in the winter is back on.  I feel refreshed in approaching the book writing.  I feel that I got the right tools to make the gardening easier and quicker.  I’m reading books to feed my soul.  And more than

Cheap Trick - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cheap Trick – Chocolate Covered Strawberries

anything, I’m making sure I get up early to enjoy the mornings.  Take a break to admire the sunsets.  Jump back into the deep end of the pool.


Any thoughts, Darling?

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