I am not a mushroom, neither are You

PA Legislature, these are mushrooms not constituents.

PA Legislature, these are mushrooms not constituents.

Oy!  It is annoying when politicians want to treat us like brain-dead vegetables.

The state of Pennsylvania has a bill going through a committee to stop anyone, including employees, from filming or recording in any way any process or part of any agribusiness operations.  Anyone have any problem with any of this?

Pennsylvania’s House Bill 683 thinks we are like the mushrooms in Kenneth Square, PA [mushroom capital].  They want to feed us whatever crap the agribusiness owners want us to think and keep us in the dark about how their businesses run.

It was whistleblowers who got shots of downer cows in California that prompted the largest

PA HB 683 stops whistleblowers

PA HB 683 stops whistleblowers

meat recall in US history.  Slaughterhouse workers have some of the worst safety records of any business.  This bill will cut out the heart of investigations and drive up fear among employees standing up for their own rights much less that of practices of abuse for the livestock.

And let’s not forget our vegetables friends.  E. coli is a food borne illness that comes from contamination from fecal matter.  The 2011 Spinach scare showed that somewhere there was fecal matter touching spinach.  The Center for Disease Control still has no source of that fecal matter.  In fact, the farm where it was grown went out of business before the CDC could finish its investigation.  This bill would stop any employee from recording any image or sound from any such operation.  This was organic spinach.  Supposedly the top of the food chain.  You get to pay extra for poop in your greens.

This bill also includes natural gas fracking processors who drill on farmland.  Since fracking waste is exempt from state and federal law what more don’t they want us to know?    However, the bust in the fracking business may curtail drilling that sooner than expected.

I am currently editing an animation for young kids on fruit and nutrition.  The idea is to make the connection between food and their bodies.   Maybe this will prompt them to stop and look at an orchard with a LaDiva-looking apple hanging from a tree.  If this bill passes, their drawing of the tree can be confiscated and prosecuted.

Extreme?  Well, so is being an adult told to you only need information that agribusiness decides.

How many Pennsylvanians does it take to change a lightbulb?  None.  Kreider Farms and the Marcellus Shale Coalition will tell us when we need light.  Now be good children and eat your spinach.


Any thoughts, Darling?

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