I’ll Get Something at School

Still churning out chapters for the book, but saw this and thought I should get the word out.

Raw nuts are a great snack.

Raw nuts are a great snack.

“I’ll get something at school” is a resounding phrase as your teen ager runs out the door to catch the bus.  Of course, kids in high school want more freedom.  At this point in life, you as parent having been dealing with that for years.  But, you still want them to eat something nutritious.  Now, the federal government is going to help.  Well, if you help, too.

According to Reuters news service, the United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]  is looking for public comments on whether to make vending snacks sold in schools lower in fat, sodium and sugar.

Many schools have removed vending machines, which may not be the best idea.  Hungry kids often buy foods from vending machines not just for lunch, but before after school

Active kids need snacks

Active kids need snacks

activities.  Activities maybe timed closely after the last class so buying something off campus just isn’t possible.  Lunch times can run from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.  Teen agers need available snacks, especially for physical activities like sports or dance.

Since students usually ingest more than 30% of their daily calories from food eaten during the school day why not have those held to a higher standard?  The proposed regulations, first update in 30 years, would only allow sales of low calorie or low fat beverages and food items having less than 35% of calories comes from sugar or fat.  There was no specific limit for salt.  Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LD, LDN suggests that when reading a nutrition label sodium  content in a food product be no more than calories per serving.  Seems pretty easy to remember and easy for a school food service director to find when deciding which snacks are best to offer in vending machines.

There is a public comment period for this new regulation for the next 60 days.  Please use the links below to learn more about the proposed guidelines and add your cents on vending food sale choices.

There’s only so much control you have once your child walks out the door.  Having the school foods on board to create a healthy food environment can make your life a little easier.

Here’s where to view the proposed new regulations: http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdamediafb?contentid=2013/02/0019.xml&printable=true&contentidonly=true

To voice your opinion on these new regulations go to:www.regulations.gov.


Any thoughts, Darling?

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