Extra fruit won’t lower weight, Oh, NO!

Let's confuse the issue!

Blame it on the orange.

OY!  Here’s another confusing article on fruit, fruit juice and weight management – Extra Fruit many not ward off daily hunger.

It is my personal problem to point out when I find a confusing or misleading article about nutrition.  This article makes one think that eating fruits and veggies with weight loss is useless.  However, that is not the point of the article.  Yes, you actually have to read the article to get to the point.

The point is that eating fruits and vegetables or fruit juice does not keep your from eating high fat foods.  Nor does eating fruit and veggies before eating high fat foods curb your appetite long-term, however, it can in the short term.  Fruit juice didn’t help at all and just added calories.  Now where did the brilliant editor think that title had anything to do with the information?  [And I do LUV editors]

In re-reading the article, I really got confused.  I tried to access the original International Journal of Obesity article, but couldn’t.  So, we are stuck with fruits and veggies don’t make you thinner.  Or maybe they do, but you have to substitute them for higher calorie foods if that is what you eat.  I think.

Here’s another question – were fruits and vegetables supposed to supplant eating high calorie foods or be eaten in addition?  Were fruits and veggies supposed to supplant the calories of high calorie foods or supplant the volume of high calorie foods eaten?  It sort of answers that, but not really.

And why are we even interested in a study with only 34 people in it?

This is really confusing.  When people ask me about whether they should eat a certain food, my question is “what do you want the food to do for you?”  If it is a martini, you shouldn’t think it will re-color gray hair, make you smarter, prettier or better able to win the Nobel Peace Prize.  However, it may let you relax from the day.

So, what is the role of fruits and veggies and weight loss?  Not sure you’ll find it in this article.  Rant completed.


3 thoughts on “Extra fruit won’t lower weight, Oh, NO!

    • Thanks for the comment.
      But that wasn’t the point. The point was would eating fruit juice, fruit or vegetables before a meal curb the appetite and lead to weight loss. The title makes it appear that eating f/v makes no difference with regard to caloric intake alone. Of course, there are the studies from 2006 showing that the body treats an abundance of fat differently than an abundance of protein and carbohydrate. But this is beside the point that the article appears to say one thing and points to another.

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