FAB Lifecoach experience

Hello Darlings,

Yesterday taught nutrition to Vegan LifeCoaches at Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Academy.  What a great group of folks.  They really taught me a lot.

Will, hopefully, have photos from the group.  Right now, I’m about to collapse.  Monday up at 5am to shoot the last day of Wish You Well in Virginia.  We stayed overnight and were up at 6am on Tuesday.

Drove from Pembroke, VA to home and then left immediately after emptying the car for teaching in Scranton, PA.  Handed out a test, talked about the semester project and went home.  Had a special beer from Appalachian Brewing Company, Brew 666.  Went to bed.

Up at 5am to get Seamus off to school and get me to NYC to teach.  I would have stayed for dinner, but the wind was blowing the snow sideways.  Of course, I grew up in snow country, so driving was not that big of a deal.  It did take almost 3 hours to get home.

Today up at 4:30am and off to work for 2 days in Philly.  Now I am getting off a tweet and hitting the sack!


Any thoughts, Darling?

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