Take it from the Top, of the summer that is


Missed you so, but have had an incredible summer.  This entry is for the North American Vegetarian Society’s Summerfest.  Check out the photos.  Everyone who is Anyone was there.

Here is the bevy of nutritionists and dietitians who were there.  And this isn’t all.  There were 10 RDs at Summerfest this year.  We had a lot of fun chatting about work and everything NOT work.  Marty was in seventh heaven listening to all this nutrition wonk.

I met une nouveau amie, Anne-Marie Roy from Montreal, Canada.  Brilliant, funny and GREAT hair.

Here’s a  photo of my FAB friend and fellow dietitian, Myriam Parham, Dr. Michael Greger, What’s her name and Anne-Marie.

Myriam Parham, RD; Michael Greger, MD, what’s her name and Anne-Marie Roy



I got a completely new understanding of the evils of cow milk.  YUCKY!  Why would anyone want that stuff.  Besides it makes lousy martinis.

This is my friend, Rae Sikora looking at a vender table.  She said she wanted a black, vegan.  I thought, Milton Mills is here.

Rae can’t decide what black vegan she wants [shirt that is]

But then I realized that she was talking about T-shirts.  Big sigh of relief, I didn’t know what I would say to JC next year.

Rae started doing my dance on the video and humming the  LaDiva theme.  So, Marty obliged and photos were taken.  They finished and saw they were wearing the same clothes.  I wondered how Rae would look in a black flip hairdo.

Hmmm, they got the same clothes memo

As usual, we had to leave with many regrets.  Although this time we had to run home and get Seamus to a fund raiser for our local cinema and a Q&A for Moonrise Kingdom.  They were showing Moonrise with a few other cast members. But more about THAT later.

The End




Any thoughts, Darling?

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