Flours Bloom in May

Hello Darlings,

LaDiva here.  Just a few days before my marathon.  I ran 3.5 miles in the rain, but it actually turned into a sprinkle.

Making Head Piece

Putting up the May videos.  Here’s the intro for this month, LaDiva’s Flour Power.  You won’t want to miss the flower getting watered.  Trust me on this one, kids.

Speaking of kids, the Camera, Kids . . . Cook It! crew head outside to help you identify some wild edible mustards that perk up your salads.  Also, you can use them for greens, although put them in at the very end of cooking.  Seamus spreads his wings in the film business as the director of photography on the shoot.

Yellow Mustard Plant

The video should be here by the end of the day.

Fab Falafel Patties

Now for using some gluten-free flours, I baked up some FAB Falafel patties and make Indian Griddle Chapatis with chick pea and rice flours.  I know falafel balls are usually fried, but really I just LUV them broken up in my 6-8 cup lunch salad.  I add a little Creamy Cashew Dressing and still have a high nutrient, low fat lunch.  Again, video up later today.

One of my FAV breakfast foods is scones.  These are not GF, but have a great texture due to the oatmeal.  Just a little sweetness is enhanced by the dates.  YUM!

Cutting scones with glass

Finally, since so many of my viewers don’t cook, I have made a short video – The Skinny on Fats. Then, I show you how to sub out those fats in your baking.

May is just Yum and Fun.



Any thoughts, Darling?

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