If Crew LUVS you, the rest doesn’t matter

So my Darlings,

I have been waiting to share this post with the video with you for over a WEEK.

This month you may know I have been between Vermont, with little internet service, and Washington DC lobbying for the food programs ensconced in the Farm Bill 2012.

Well, while in shooting the film, Northern Borders, my BFF, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick asked me to bring his FAV desserts.  So, between working in Philadelphia and VT, training for a marathon and working on LaDiva videos I whipped up 5 dozen cupcakes for Seamus and the crew.

Crew, if you don’t know, are the unsung heroes of everything you see on TV, videos and the cinema or hear on the radio.  We LUV them.  They work 12-16 hour days, are there before the actors and afterward.  They have to make millions of changes during a shoot and do them . . . yesterday before the director thought it up.

This crew has worked in heat, cold, practically 24 hours at times to get this film up.  Of course, LaDiva had to take them all under her wing and give them a special treat.

Let’s not forget the producers and director.  They have NOT been sitting drinking champagne and eating bon-bons.  I wanted to give everyone an afternoon yummy.

Chocolate Mint Cupcake

The cupcakes were Chocolate Mint with Mint frosting, Orange Capuccino with Orange frosting, Gluten-Free Chocolate with Chocolate frosting, Peanut Butter with Peanut Creme and Chocolate Drizzle and Carrot Cake with Walnut frosting.

The next day I thought I would make brownies.  I didn’t have a full kitchen, so I thought I’ll make some from boxes using flax meal instead of eggs. I know, horrible, but sometimes you just have to make do.

Brownie Brittle standing sideways

OUCH!!! When I took the pans out of the oven, in plenty of time, and let them cool I couldn’t get the brownies out of the pans.  The brownies were like chocolate cement glued to the pan.  A spatula, pancake turner, butter knife, fingers [clean] and turning the pan completely upside down did nothing to get them out.  Pulling the pan away from the material and slightly bending the pan to create a spring motion did.

Brownie Brittle glued in pan

Now I had hard, chocolate masses that would break your teeth.  I was going to throw the whole thing out, but Seamus’s Dad, Jim “Fitz” Fitzpatrick looked in horror. “It’s chocolate, LaDiva.  What are you thinking?” I tasted a piece I managed to break out without a hammer.  It wasn’t burnt, but it reminded me of peanut brittle.

I gave some to Fitz.  He agreed.  It wasn’t burnt, it was just hard.  We both said “Brownie Brittle.”  I experimented with Seamus’s FAB tutor, Aaron and the PA, Mac out in the hall.  Aaron said, “Brownie Brittle.”  Mac said, “It’s good, but it’s gonna take a lot of milk.”

Gluten-free that never made it to the crafty table

I cut it up and put it in a basket on the crafty [or crew snack] table.  You can view the video for their response.

A new snack star is born. LUV this crew!!!


Any thoughts, Darling?

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