Shot the pilots!

No, nothing to do with airlines.

We shot the 2 LaDiva Dietitian TV show pilots yesterday.  They should be broadcast on Channel 13 Blue Ridge Cable in the Pocono Mountains in March.

My associate producer, Joanne Goode, [owner and chef of Centerton Inn, Centerton, NJ] coordinated the food with the FAB intern, Jackie McCarthy.  We had everything separated out by recipe on the dining room table.  All of the bowls, utensils and equipment were on a portable table cutting off the living room from the dining room.  My second microwave and food processor were on another small table tucked into a corner of the dining room.

Iris, from I on Style – where I buy all my FAB outfits, watched my hair and wardrobe changes, and made sure I had lipstick on. She has a brick and mortar shop in Stroudsburg, PA and soon to open her Etsy shop online.  If you can’t find her, contact me.  Her stuff is EXCELLENT and great prices.

I did 6 recipes in about 90 minutes.  These gals kept me moving and the food flowing.  The Blue Ridge cable crew were cute and very professional.  What more could a LaDiva want?

The kids were amazing!  They were One-Take-Wonders.  We rehearsed a few times and then shot.  They thought the guacamole was too lime-y and they were right.  Instead of re-making it and re-shooting, we decided to let them say exactly how they felt and how they would fix a recipe.  Why does everything have to be perfect on a cooking show?  It certainly isn’t in most kitchens.

Can’t wait to see the shows in March!  [Photos are coming, just too tired to get them on now]


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