Down, but definitely not out.

Firstly, I have appreciated all of the support about The LaDiva Queen Mother’s passing.

Now, those of you who know LaDiva know I very rarely become ill.  At most it is one really evil day around the holidays because I don’t take care of myself in the usual manner.  This holiday season went splendidly.  However, this last week has made up for several years.

I write this feeling like a total weenie because February’s videos will be late.  I have no voice to make them.  Who cares about the details of the Icky-icky.  The point is I am on the mend, but hit a wall trying  to return to real life earlier this week. I woke up feeling pretty good, did a short 1.5 mile run, went to my office and 6 hours later ended up with a temperature of 102 F.  My normal herbal/homeopathic/blah, blah hasn’t done its magic.  Rest has.

Today, I feel very good, but am not testing fate.  I will cook the Feb. recipes and write them down so the PDFs will be on the website.  Then, release the videos as they happen. There may be problems with the chocolate dessert and I may just have to make 3-4 varieties to pick the best one.  Ah, the life of a LaDiva!


Any thoughts, Darling?

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