Haven’t forgotten Tiramisu!

Hello Darlings,

LaDiva Holiday Kitchen

When the back up hard drive died for 3 weeks, that put me behind.  When it became conscious, I had to [quick as a bunny] put up October and November’s videos.  Which was done!

Then, started on December.  Iris, from I on Style, asked for some help with her Etsy account.  My payment – The Holiday Bling Dress!

Most of December is up.  It would all be happening except I got a trip to shoot some work in LA, spur of the moment last week.  There was no time and sketchy internet for downloading.  Then, [honestly does this happen to other people?], I needed and got a new roof on my house.  Well, you can’t shoot with slate falling outside every window and nail guns shooting off every few minutes.

Christmarita ready to party

The roof is finished today.  I did a voice over for the Top Holiday Hazards this morning and am putting that up this afternoon.

My holiday drink-i-poo, Christmaritas,

are up on YouTube as well as the PlanetPyramid Kids peanut-chocolate dessert, Hockey Pucks [via a recipe from Chef AJ].

Tomorrow is an audition in NYC, so I hope to finish taping the Holiday Morning Bread Wreaths before I have to take off.  Doing the hair as I type.

Walnut Pecan Pesto with raw collards

The Walnut Pecan Pesto will be perfect for me getting home late.  It’s quick and I have all the ingredients hanging around the kitchen.

The holidays are upon us and I am going to enjoy them no matter what!




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