Capppuccino and Peanut Butter Bombs Rank High at Major’s Shower

Cappuccino Cupcake with LaDiva Expresso Creme

Major Karen Baker’s Baby Shower planning squad recruited me to cater the event with healthy foods and yummy desserts.  My reconnoissance included getting a bead on Major Mom’s FAV cupcake flavors.  The requisition was for Cappuccino with Expresso Creme for her and Peanut Butter Bombs for hubby.

Since they wanted low-fat, healthy foods, I started with Party Nuts placed in cupcake holders around the room.  This would stave off hunger while we waited for guests to arrive.

Then, I put out Bruchette with toasted Pisano bread.

Here are all the ingredients for the Bruchette

The bruchette was simply fresh garden basil with garden [the end of season] tomatoes.  That was it.  Big hit.  The flavor is all in having enough basil and letting it sit for at least 30 minutes.

For the entrée, I made vegetable lasagna with lite silken tofu instead of ricotta.   Spinach, dried tomatoes, mushrooms and onion bivouacked on top of the noodles and marinara.  The pasta sauce was high in fat, so I cut it in half with a can of crushed tomatoes, but didn’t lose any of the terrific flavor.

An easy salad of greens, spinach, red onion, red pepper, 3-4 minced olives and pepadews filled out the flavor.  There were 3 dressing from which to choose: Seasoned balsamic vinegar with dried tomatoes, Creamy Cashew and Almond Chipotle [little spicy].

Drippy Expresso mush before transformation to LaDiva Latte Creme

The Expresso pastry creme fell apart.  I’m not sure what I did.  I made sure to chill it for over an hour.  Anyway, with a crowd of helpers getting ready to truck the food to the shower, I looked at the vanilla buttercream recipe and the espresso creme recipe.  I put the two of them together.  Well, I grabbed the butter and shortening out of the frig and in my bowl to cream.  They were  too cold and shot out of the bowl and flew around the room like yellow and white paint balls.  I didn’t take down more than 3 people.  My crew cleaned up while I moved on.

Then I took some more, cut it into smaller pieces and jammed the beaters of my mixer into the middle.  No flying debris this time.  I added the rest of the ingredients, except for soy milk.  I added a little soy milk and kept adding more expresso powder to regulate the taste.

With a quick fill of my pastry bag, I used the star tip to smoosh the creme into the cakes and have a pretty blob on top.  A helper put on all the chocolate covered expresso beans.

The Peanut Butter Bombs discharged as expected.  I made sure to add enough liquid and

Chocolate covered Peanut Butter Bombs

keep the chocolate warm enough to pour over the cake and creme.

The two desserts made an impressive display with little design work.  The expresso beans added a touch of class and who doesn’t want to look at gooey chocolate over filling?

The full dessert tray. Didn't last long.

For those who didn’t want a  fat filled dessert, I whipped up some Lovely Vanilla Lemon Creme to serve over pineapple, apples and grapes.

It was easy to find taste testers.  I used two for the Peanut Butter Bombs.  Since I had no idea what would happen to the Cappuccino cupcakes, I thought I would enlist the Mommy of the day.

I’d like to thank all of the foot soldiers who valiantly went to the trenches to get the job done.  By 8 pm, we all had some well deserved R&R.

The battle of figuring out what to do with the fallen pastry creme will be on the next blog.  Never leave a good tasting mush uneaten.


Any thoughts, Darling?

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