Enter: LaDiva TV-style

Cake with gravestone stencil

Tonight I am taping a cooking segment for a local TV station, Channel 13.  The show is called Talk of the Town with Kim Bell and Marie Johns.  Can’t wait to meet them.

Making Chocolate Covered Apple Cider Cake.  This month’s Planet Pyramid video.  I have 7 minutes to do the cake.  Don’t think I’ll feel rushed, do you?

Make 4 cakes: one test, one for POOF out of the oven, one for POOF you can pour on the ganache and one for POOF final result.  I am sure I will forget something, wonder what it will be?

Oh well, hopefully, I’ll get home in time to take a nice bath and relax.

Velveteen Cupcakes this weekend.


Any thoughts, Darling?

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