Apple & Mac Support is a Lemon [cupcake, that is]

Lemon Macadamia with Lemon Unbutter Creme

Hello Darlings,

I had some major issues with my MS PowerPoint.  After a call to their support I was told, “it is a problem we have known about and have experts working on it.”  No help, just that the reason I bought the software doesn’t do what sales said it would.  Oh, and they have known about the problem for awhile, but are still selling the program.  Two days of work for nada.  Now what?

I have a mac.  I called Apple Help.  The young lady was fantastic.  She talked about what I needed to to immediately – Fast Food Labels to YouTube – and what I need to do long term.  She got me extra help and got me on my way.  I was so impressed I asked her what was her FAV cupcake.  She said a local joint had a Lemon cupcake that was excellent.

Well Girlfriend, this one is dedicated to you and all the Apple folks, including Curly and crew at the Apple store in Allentown, PA.

Instead of me doing the review, I sent off my camera with my great friends, and incredible babes, Kathy and Liz and, my BFF, Marty.   The girls had a night out finishing up with the cupcakes.  Kathy and Liz give their thumbs up or down and decide what season is perfect for this dessert.  Marty was video-ed after the last bottle of wine.

My toothpick came out clean, but I am making a note to cook them for a few more minutes next time and see how that works.  The cake was not as spongy as I would like and my oven is slow.

Thanks to the Guest Taste Testers and to Apple Girl wherever you are.



Any thoughts, Darling?

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