Today’s Cooking Demo – Sloppy Joe/Sorta Streudel

Hello Darlings!

What you do with thawed puff pastry

Apple Sorta Streudel

For my cooking demo made Sloppy Joe’s and Braised Greens.  Took leftover Asian Carrot Pineapple Salad and Apple Sorta Streudel from this month’s videos.

Forgot the crushed tomatoes for the Sloppy Joes so I just used ketchup and added water.  Participants loved it.  Also added smoked chipolte, green pepper and cumin. NO added fats!

Still eating the Chocolate Mint Cupcakes.  Have another dedication for the Red Velveteen ones.  So those happen next week.

Have to get back to editing and uploading.  I uploaded the intro 3 times and hope it stays there!  Since I get up at 5am now, I need to get to sleep by 10.



Any thoughts, Darling?

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