Let’s get the Party Started!

Hello Darlings!

Welcome to my blog.  Let me tell you why I’m doing this.

  1. My mission is to party the globe to willful compassion.  This is compassion for everything on the planet including you, your friends, family, companion animals, farm animals, trees, rivers–everything that has an energy system.  But I want to have FUN doing it.
  2. When I see people in such pain and illness it hits me to the core.  I want to share whatever factual, researched information I can to help them to their next step of optimal health.  Notice I say “their next step.” It is not for me to judge, but to educate and let people do as they will.  I am on my path and it is not yours.
  3. I am SO bored with nutrition blah, blah, blah = guilt trip.  Let’s have fun with food.  Healthy foods do not taste like cardboard and they don’t kill you.
So, I’m starting with making cupcakes.  I finally got a copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero.  I am going to make every recipe.  I will video the end result and taste.  I will put the video on my YouTube Channel.  The channel already has my cooking videos for those of you new to LaDiva.
I need your help.  Send me your FAV cupcake recipe from the book and I will dedicate that video to you.  Or send me your FAV cupcake recipe or idea and I’ll try to replicate it.  AND I will taste them without fixing them up.
The last thing I will have here is all the info I have on nutrition and food.  LaDiva’s videos are more culinary.  I want your food to work for you.  So, my question is – Is your food doing what you want it to do?  I love martinis, but I don’t think they make me prettier, smarter or a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Does your food love you as much as you love it?
Let’s get started!  LUV the Shirley!!!

Any thoughts, Darling?

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